1. Closure reached with Saint Benedict Press (TAN Books)

    In response to various enquiries, Baronius Press can confirm that the long standing legal dispute Baronius Press, Ltd. v. Saint Benedict Press, LLC (3:16-cv-00695) that had been ongoing for nearly three years has been resolved amicably and the matter is now closed. The closure paves the way for Baronius Press to focus on publishing its long and overdue list of important Catholic titles, which was not possible to do while this case was proceeding.

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  2. Baronius Press’ Exclusive Titles

    Baronius Press is pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive rights to publish a number of titles (listed below) by some of the most renowned Catholic authors of the twentieth century. Baronius Press either owns or has been granted exclusive rights to publish these titles. These exclusive titles form part of our ongoing publication program which brings back into print important Catholic titles while supporting the monasteries, convents, seminaries and Dioceses that own the rights by paying royalties and protecting the copyrights on their behalf.

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