Features of Our Books


The main objective of Baronius Press is to raise the quality of Catholic books in order to make them more appealing to a wider audience. We are one of the few remaining publishers to produce beautifully bound titles.

In an age of mass production and cost cutting overriding aesthetic beauty, Baronius Press is reversing conventional wisdom. Care and attention to detail mean that we also insist on the exquisite finishing touches such as headbands, ribbons and marbled endpapers that most other publishers just simply can't afford to offer.

The time and effort that we invest into each title is enormous, but this is a small gesture of love for the treasures of the Holy Mother Church whose literary treasures we publish for all generations to endear.

Text / Typography


We spent hundreds of hours meticulously re-typesetting each title to ensure crystal clear text. Thus, there are no blotches or scratched out text from older versions, making you wonder what is being said. At Baronius Press, we mix technology and tradition to produce books that are renowned for their crisp readable type, aesthetic beauty and longevity.

Each title is scanned from its original edition, text recognised and carefully proofread. A great amount of creative energy is put into the layout of each title—the most appropriate typography for books, chapters, headings and the text—pleasing to the eye of the reader.


The endpapers are made of thick heavy-weight paper, decoratively printed with traditional Catholic symbols, marble motives or other designs in wide array of colours according to the colour of the cover, complementing the overall design of the book.




After such care has been taken over the design, both inside and out, it is essential that the manufacturing processes maintains the highest standards in every copy produced.

The flexible cover books are made using leather, hand covered over flexible boards, which are specially designed to flex many times without breaking. The corners are rounded and the edges are then meticulously stitched to create an elegant and durable appearance.

The hardcover binding is used for our large Bibles and Catholic Classics series. The hardcover editions use the same leather covered over 1/8" (1/12" for smaller titles) thick, stiff boards, to create strong and durable books that will last for generations.

Other Features

Smythe Sewn

All books are sewn bound to the highest quality, so that they not only look good on the shelves but are always a pleasure to read year after year.


Ribbons are excellent for referring to different sections, or to note the point which has been read, so are standard on all our books. For prayer books with gilding, we use special ultra-soft ribbons that is designed not to damage the gilding (a common problem with gilded books) and on our classics series, we use the finest satin ribbon markers.


In times gone by, paper was of such a poor quality, that gilding the edge of the book was a way to prevent light and humidity from breaking it down even faster. Today gilding is more decorative and is mainly used for sacred works. On our Bibles and prayer book titles, the edges of the paper have been gilded to the highest standards with a special gold gilding process.

Head and Tail bands

Headbands originated in Victorian England as a way of covering the unsightly spine sewing at the head and tail of the book block (hence the name). At one time popular with publishers, but due to cost are less used today by trade publishers. Baronius insists on these small finishing touches and so each book has coloured head and tail bands.